iNewsletter newsletters are designed to viewed online. There are times when you might want to print the newsletter - for archiving or for some readers that don't have access to a computer.

When you print the newsletter, you loose a lot of the visual appeal compared to the online version. Our goal of the printed newsletter is to get all of the information in the online version into the printed version, however, it is too hard to make the printed version look as good as the online version.

To print or create a PDF version of the newsletter

  1. Open the newsletter in the Author (click the Edit button below the newsletter tile if on the Dashboard)
  2. Click the Preview button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. On the new tab that appears, click the Print/PDF button
  4. Wait for the printed version to generate, then click the Print Now button
  5. Choose your desired printer, or select the PDF printer
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