You most likely have a website and would like to grow your subscriber base so your newsletter reaches more people. Aside from the option of allowing public subscriptions on the cover page of your newsletter you also have the option of using a form with the specific purpose of subscribing your readers.

This form can be used on your website, portal, school app or any other place you can insert hyperlinks.

Getting the form URL

Each publication has its own unique form URL, so you'll need to make sure you use the correct URL to ensure subscribers get put into the correct publication.

  1. On the Dashboard for your publication (the screen that lists draft and published newsletters), click the Subscriptions tab at the top
  2. Scroll down and on the right you'll see a section named Subscribe URL
  3. Click the text to select it and copy it to your clipboard
  4. Go to your website, portal, school app or wherever you want to put this form and insert a hyperlink to this URL

Now when your community clicks that link they'll be taken to the form where they can subscribe to the newsletter. You can try it yourself - just paste the link into your address bar in your web browser and you'll see exactly what your readers will see.

If you allow public subscriptions then this form is public on the web and search engines can crawl the page. If you turn public subscriptions off then this page is private and search engines are instructed not to crawl it.

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