1. On the Dashboard (the screen that lists your draft and published newsletters), click the Settings tab at the top of the window
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy Settings section

You'll be presented with 5 checkboxes which control the privacy settings of this publication.

Enabling or disabling public subscriptions

iNewsletter enables you to grow your audience by allowing public subscriptions. What this means is that anyone who comes across your newsletter can add themselves to the subscription list (via the grey Subscribe button on the cover page) so they will receive the email summary next time the newsletter is published. You may want to change this behaviour, so by ticking or unticking the Enable public email subscriptions checkbox, you are enabling/disabling this feature.

Allowing or disallowing search engines to crawl your publication

By ticking or unticking the Make public on the web button, you are enabling/disabling search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on from crawling your newsletter. This is great if you want to keep your newsletter private and only allow a certain audience to read the newsletter.

Enabling or disabling archiving of newsletters

Each publication has an archive of past newsletter issues enabled by default. When you publish each newsletter, you are given a URL for this archive. Readers can also click the View Archive button in the left menu when reading your newsletters to see the archive.

If you don't want to have an archive of past newsletters, you can disable archiving. This means readers will only be able to access past newsletters if they have a link to each newsletter. The option Create an archive of newsletters for this publication decides whether iNewsletter will create an archive or not.

Allowing or disallowing translation of your newsletter

iNewsletter has an integration with Google Translate that allows your community to translate your newsletter into over 100 different languages. While the translation my not be perfect, it allows members of your community where English is not their first language to get a better idea of the content in the newsletter. If you want to enable the translation option, tick the Enable readers to translate newsletter option. 

Allowing or disallowing liking of articles

iNewsletter includes a great feature which allows newsletter articles to be 'liked'. This is a great way to get feedback on which articles resonate with your community. Readers don't need an account to like articles, they can simply click the 'heart' icon and their like is recorded.

If you don't want readers to be able to like articles, untick the Enable readers to like articles option and click the blue Save button.

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