Every newsletter has a cover page as the first page. It is the jumping-off point for people who read the newsletter.

As you'll see, it has a banner photo at the top which is a great place to put a picture of an event or perhaps a picture of your building/office. You can put anything you like in there, and it can be different in every newsletter.

Below that is the name of the publication (which you can change by typing in there - but if you change it in this newsletter it will change for all future newsletters). There is also an area for the date of publish, which will appear once the newsletter has been published.

There is also an area for the Issue Number. You can use the default issue numbering or use your own. To use your own, just starting typing in there. If you wish to revert back to the default issue numbering, just click inside the text area and click the Revert button that appears above the text.

Below these text areas is where the summary of the newsletter will appear. A small grey tile will appear for each page in the newsletter and allows viewers to jump of to the page that interests them the most.

Finally, at the bottom of the cover page is a box that contains your organizations contact details and logo. Click the grey Change button to change the logo.

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