Every page has a banner photo at the top, and it cannot be removed. It is designed to increase the visual appeal of the page and stop pages looking like huge, undesirable chunks of text. We provide a range of stock photos and patterns for your use if you do not have a suitable photo.

To change the banner photo

  1. Click the Photo button that sits in the white toolbar over the top of the photo (you may have to scroll up/down to see it)
  2. The image selector will appear
  3. If you'd like upload one or many photos, click the Upload Photos button and select the photos you'd like to upload. You can upload multiple photos at once
  4. If you'd like to use a stock photo, click the Stock Photos tab at the top of the popup window
  5. Select the photo you'd like to use by single-clicking on it
  6. Click the Insert Photo button
  7. The photo will be inserted
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