We are faced with many constraints when trying to generate a print version of your newsletters, and unfortunately, sometimes Chrome crashes when generating the print version. Here's some reasons why and how to fix them.

A zoom factor has been set

If you have zoomed your browser in or out, it's likely Chrome will crash when generating a print version. To check this, look for an icon that looks like a magnifying glass to the right of the address bar (where the website URL is). Press Ctrl + Zero on Windows or Cmd + Zero on macOS to reset the zoom back to default and try printing again.

A really tall gallery is in the newsletter

Tall galleries that would be larger than an A4 sheet of paper will cause Chrome to crash when printing. This is because the print renderer comes across these galleries and doesn't know how to make them fit on an A4 sheet of paper. Check to see if you have any really tall galleries in your newsletter, and if you do, try making them shorter.

A really long bullet/number list is in the newsletter

Because of the same reason as the above point, tall bullet and number lists will cause Chrome to crash when printing. If you have tall bullet or number lists you'll need to make them shorter, or split them into smaller lists. Alternatively you could include the list as an attachment if it is not crucial data.

We are aware of these issues and are working on fixing them.

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